Purchasing a property, you have to go through many facts that can help you achieve a great property within your budget. While buying anything valuable for life, keep the focus on the time of buying it. A buyer should always secure a property at a time when he or she is welcomed by a desirable market price, great offers, and the upper hand in negotiations. But a purchaser should not only focus on lucrative deals and offers but he should consider the right time as per astrological faiths.

Reasons to purchase property on Navratri

1. Astrological perspective:
It is believed, that you welcome abundance and good luck when you make a valuable purchase on these nine days. These nine days’ entail worshipping nine incarnations of Goddess Durga. Navratri is one of the most significant festivals that is celebrated throughout India. The wait is over and the holiday mode gets on with the advent of this festival. Buying a property in these nine days will be very auspicious as the starts remain in a favorable place for your investment, in the Hindu community it is popularly known as “Shub Muhurat”. It is widely believed that (Dasham Dwaar), ten gates of ten directions to divinity are open during the Navratri due to the extreme holy and religious environment, in this period any new venture will be profitable and auspicious for you.

2. Market point of view:

  •  You will make a great decision if you buy a property on this occasion as you will make excellent savings. As the festival begins real estate developers bring attractive offers. They come with discounts on home prices, sometimes price reductions on per square foot pricing. All these lucrative offers remain only for some short periods and sometimes for specific days.
  • Banks bring attractive schemes and choices like low EMIs, low-interest rates, speedier loan process, and no charge processing fees to invite property buyers to take loans.
  • On this occasion, purchasers remain the upper hand as they get a lot of options to compare and negotiate prices.

Before you decide on buying a property, a valuable investment of life, you must thoroughly investigate the reputation of the developer, location, and policy, and check its terms & conditions. Professionals advise not to fall for lucrative offers that could lead you to problems so a proper investigation is vital.

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