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The Right Time to Invest in Real Estate as an NRI – Is it Profitable?

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Real Estate Investments Are Always Lucrative For NRIs! Recent Trends Have Shown A Rise In NRI’s Investing In Real Estate In India For A Long Time. It Is Said That, The Numbers Investing In Real Estate Might Grow By 13% In 2022. The Benefits Of NRI Investment In Indian Real Estate Are Plenty And If You Are An Expatriate Indian, You Get An Edge When You Do It.

Why India?

India Boasts A Lot Of Positives. To Start With, India Has A Massive Percentage Of Young Population Which Indicates The Future Growth Potential. Also, India Is On An Outstanding Growth Trajectory On The Back Of Secure Reforms In The Field And Liberalized Government Policies.

The Economic Policies Introduced By The Government Are Started To Pay High Dividends. More And More Foreign Direct Dividends Are Flourishing In The Indian Business Which Generates More Employment Opportunities For The Skilled Young.

Real Estate Investment In India

As An NRI You Get A Wide Range Of Development Opportunities When You Invest In Real Estate. But Before You Start Investing You Need To Understand The ‘Hows’ And ‘Whys’. As An NRI Investor In Real Estate, You Need To Ascertain Your Financial Situation And How To Plan On The Purchase.

Keeping This In Mind, You Need To Know That Since All The Transaction Is Done In Indian Money, You Need To Consider Money Fluctuations. You Also Need To Consider The Inflation Rates Across Various Denominations. This Might Be Instrumental In Finding The Real Worth Of The Investment.

Investing Is Beneficial At The Moment

Various Factors Cater To Why It Is Favorable For Non–Resident Indians!

RERA – The real estate regulation act has rationalized the field, as it supports the buyers with less risk and security with its strong grievance redressal. This means, earlier builders were not accountable for project delays and diverted funds. But with RERA, builders are required to deposit at least 75% of the project’s funds into escrow accounts. Also, these funds can be accessed anytime with the project proof.

Rise of the Rupee – In the upcoming years, the rupee has been on a rise against the dollar, which means that the investment is not just cost-effective but mindful as well. This is because as an NRI, you need not have to spend a lot but the value of the property you purchase and the profit increase with time.
Now You Know Why This Is The Right Time For An NRI To Invest In Real Estate! Furthermost, According To A Survey, More Than 64% Of NRIs Prefer For Real Estate Investment. And, The Price Amendments And RERA Acts Are Also Appealing The NRIs, Highlighting The Benefits Of NRI Real Estate Investment In India.

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