1. Daily Meal Distribution

Samanvay Foundation, the social arm of Samanvay Realty, distributes daily meals on all the sites, providing free meals to 800-1000 workers who build our projects for us. At Samanvay Foundation, every meal matters as we see the joy of the labourers every day.

A. Daily Snacks Distribution

A healthy and happy meal is very important for people of all ages. Here is a glimpse of the Daily Snack Distribution that is organised and executed by Samanvay Foundation on our Education Camp. Afterall, if they eat, they will grow and study well!

2. Education Activity for Kids

Samanvay Foundation has worked for the education of Kids since a long time. The hope for a better tomorrow resides in the education of the new generation and at Samanvay Foundation, we believe in that.

A. Education for Worker’s Children

If a child is able to go to school today, he will be able to bring positive change tomorrow as education is one of the most effective force of change. We all know with education, kids will be able to make better choices for themselves and their families when they grow up. Here we are taking a step towards fighting illiteracy by educating the kids of labors on all of our projects. We, at Samanvay Foundation, run our own little schools in which these kids get education, play some games, do yoga/meditation and exercise and eat healthy snacks everyday

B. Stationary & Sanitary Pad Distribution

Health and Education go hand in hand. In order to support the education and the health of the children, Samanvay Foundation hosted a Sanitary Pad Distribution for the girls at Government School as well as distribution of Stationary like notebooks, pencils, etc.

C. Welcoming Winters by Staying Warm

Samanvay Foundation took the initiative to distribute oranges and sweaters amongst the kids at Government school. The children loved this gesture and everyone had big smiles on their faces!

D. Tree Plantation at Govt School

Every tree that is planted will change the future of this planet! At Samanvay Foundation, the team conducted a tree plantation at Government School for a greener and healthier planet!

E. Hygiene Kit Distribution At Govt School

The enthusiastic team of Samanvay Foundation went to Chorpura Government School and over there, distributed hygiene kits to the students. Take a look at these happy faces that will be the educated and well-sanitized future of the country!


The enthusiastic team of Samanvay Foundation went to Chorpura Government School and over there, distributed hygiene kits to the students. Take a look at these happy faces that will be the educated and well-sanitized future of the country!

f. Hygiene Kits Distribution at Education Camps

Samanvay Foundation is happy to share a few glimpses of the distribution of Hygiene Kits at our Education Centers on the 26th of January. We understand the need for proper sanitation and hygiene and that is why these hygiene kits are important for all and a big part of education as well.

G. Children’s Day Celebration

Samanvay Foundation is happy to share a glimpse of the celebrations of Children’s Day at Chorpura Government School by the team! The joy, kindness and happiness of the kids knew no bounds today!

H. Daily Meal Provided to Govt School Students

Samanvay Foundation is happy to share a glimpse of meal distribution on the daily basis at the Govt School Near Savli

3. Medical Checkup and Hygiene Session

A. Medical Checkup

When it comes to health, every life matters. Keeping this thought in mind, Samanvay Foundation organised a Medical Check-up for all workers and labourers at Dhanvantari Arogyarath. Special attention was given by the team of doctors to all workers and their health.

B. Hygiene and Menstruation Session

A profound session was conducted by Doctors on menstruation and hygiene for female labourers followed by the distribution of sanitary pads and hygiene kits.

C. Hygiene Awareness & Tips on How to Boost Immunity

In the coming time, it will be more than necessary to have the right education about health. That is why Samanvay Foundation organized a visit by a team of doctors who conducted a hygiene awareness program and gave tips on how to boost immunity at all Samanvay Sites.

4. Blood Donation Camp

In order to give back to the society, Samanvay Foundation organised a Blood Donation Camp on 1st September, 2019 where the response was immense and the camp was a success as people came to donate blood from all over town.

5. Medical Camp at Bhayli Village

Samanvay Foundation organised a Medical Camp at Bhayli Village where people were given proper treatments, health care and complete check up by medical professionals. Here is a glimpse of the event and how people chose to come see a doctor to see if they are healthy.

6. Wishing Wardrobe

Samanvay Foundation has started an initiative named Wishing Wardrobe for the people who are in need of things we easily discard without thinking.In this activity,residents of samanvay projects, members and team members donate books,toys,clothes and other necessities in good condition for those who require them and foundation distributes the same.

A. Wishing Wardrobes at All Samanvay Projects

wishing wardrobe
wishing wardrobe

B. Distribution of Clothes from Wishing Wardrobe

7. Fun Activity for Kids

Having fun and enjoying your life is also as important as education and health. In order to let the kids enjoy a worry free time in new places, Samanvay Foundation hosted an array of fun activities for kids.

A. Picnic Tour for Chorpura Govt School Students @ Sayajibaugh

The kids of Chorpura Government school enjoyed a day out on a Picnic with the team of Samanvay Foundation when they went for a picnic to Sayajibaugh. The kids played, ate and had a joyful time during this day picnic!

B. Footwear Distribution

Safety is important when kids grow up on construction sites. At Samanvay Foundation, we took on the responsibility of safety of these children and organised a Footwear Distribution drive for the same and made sure all kids had slippers.

C. 15th August Celebration

Samanvay Foundation organised a celebration for the kids at Municipal School on 15th August to embed the feelings of pride and love for our country. The children learnt about the patriotic values that bind them to their nation with pride.

D. Diwali Celebration

Festivals are a key part of India and to share the joy of Diwali, Samanvay Foundation organised Diwali Celebrations at Savli Taluka and Rural Area school. The kids enjoyed and had a great time bursting crackers and celebrating the festival of lights.

E. Uttarayan Activities

Day Before Uttarayan Celebration at different Samanvay Sites & Bird Rescue camp on the festival of Uttarayan

1. Day Before Uttarayan Celebration at Samanvay Sites

2. Bird Rescue Camp

F. Dikri Sanman Program at Bhayali Pragati School

This 26th January, Samanvay Foundation did its part on encouraging the people who educate and pave a path for their daughters by giving them the Dikri Sanman certificate at Bhayli Pragati School. Here is a glimpse of the same!

G. Holi Celebration

Samanvay Foundation took the spirit of Holi and visited each and every site with colors, pichkaris and lots of smiles! Here is a glimpse of the event and happiness shared by all! Happy Holi!

8. Activity for Senior Citizen

When people grow old, all they need is love and some company and understanding this, Samanvay Foundation organised activities for Senior Citizens where they got to spend time and share with each other as well as the team of Samanvay Foundation.

A. Lunch & Shawl Distribution for Elder People

As winters approached, the team at Samanvay Foundation organised a lunch and shawl distribution for elders and had some time to interact with them as well. The event was a success as the elders left with smiles on their faces.

9. Activity in COVID-19 Situation

A. Food Packet Distribution to Daily Wagers

In these difficult times, food and groceries are not available easily and not available to all. This is why Samanvay Foundation prepared food packets and some groceries and distributed the same to Daily Wagers who can’t get them easily. Here is the glimpse of the same.

B. Grocery Provided at Ranipura Village

Samanvay Foundation, in these difficult times, has distributed Groceries to people who need them the most. Here is a glimpse of grocery provided at Ranipura, Near Savali Village. Hope we all come out of this together!

C. Hygiene Session

Samanvay Foundation is glad to show you a glimpse of the Hygiene session at Samanvay Project Sites that was conducted for overall health and hygiene. At this session, O.R.S. powder was also distributed to workers!

D. Ukala Distribution

10. Blanket Distribution

11. Ashram Shada

12. Birthday Celebration

13. National Sports Day

14. Activities Done In April – May 2022

To help our elders stay healthy, Samanvay Hospitals and Samanvay Foundation came together for a free medical camp. Take a look at the care that was provided along with the right treatment!

The best way to stay healthy is to be aware and keep a track of all your medical conditions. That is why, Samanvay Foundation and Samanvay Hospitals organised a Health Checkup Camp to guide people on the right path of treatment. Here’s a glimpse of the day!

For elders who are suffering from BP and Sugar, Samanvay Hospitals ans Samanvay Foundation organised a health camp where they were checked and given the right treatment to get better. Here is a hearty picture from the day!

With awareness comes growth and with education comes change. Here is a glimpse of the Agriculture Awareness Program hosted by Samanvay Foundation

15. Free Tailoring Classes For The Unprivileged Female

Here’s the glimpse of Free Tailoring Classes started at Chorpura Village, savli on 13th July 2022 occassion of Guru Purnima – by Samanvay Foundation. All female participated and their families joined the program. Let us empower them to build an independent futures.

16. Holi Celebration – 2023

On the joyous occasion of Holi, we at Samanvay Foundation came together at our Pathshala to celebrate this vibrant festival. Children lit up the place with their bright smiles and colorful Gulals!

17. Medical Checkup Camp – Ravishankar Maharaj Govt. School, Gotri

The Samanvay Foundation recently organized a medical check-up camp for viral infections at the Ravi Shankar Maharaj Govt. School in Gotri, with the aim of improving health awareness and reducing the incidence of viral infections in the local population.

Samanvay Medical Checkup Camp

18. Menustral Hygiene Session & Pad Distribution At Laxmipura & Raja Rammohan Ray Govt School

At Laxmipura Government School, the Samanvay Foundation organised a menstrual education session and pad distribution initiative for female students.

The Samavay Foundation distributed 50 sanitary pads to girls throughout this session. 

Samanvay Menustral Hygiene Session
Samanvay Menustral Hygiene Session
Samanvay Menustral Hygiene Session
Samanvay Menustral Hygiene Session

19. Tobaco Awarenesss At Netaji Subhaschandra Bose School – Tandalja

Samanvay Foundation is on a mission to spread awareness about the harmful effects of tobacco amongst youngsters. Recently, the foundation conducted a highly successful awareness program at Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose School in Vadodara.

Samanvay Tobaco Awarenesss
Samanvay Tobaco Awarenesss

20. Menstrual Hygiene Session & Pad Distribution Program for Girl Students at Raja Rammohan Ray Primary School, Vasna

At Raja Rammohan Ray Primary School in Vasna, the Samanvay Foundation organised a menstrual education session and pad distribution initiative for female students. 80 sanitary pads were given to female students during this session by the Samavay Foundation.

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