Vadodara is a place where you can not only live in peace, but also get to know a lot of tradition and culture. It is thus rightfully said that Vadodara is the ‘sanskari nagri’. It is a cosmopolitan town with fast developing areas and great opportunities for work and studies as well. From good educational institutions to employment opportunities, this city is becoming a hot favourite among modern generation to reside in.
Here are some of the features of this beautiful city.

Peaceful Locality

If you are looking for a calm and quiet place to stay in peace, this is it. Vadodara is less crowded and most of the places are low polluted zones. It is a perfect balance between overcrowd and desert.

Study Hub

If you stay in Vadodara then you would not want to go out for higher studies or a professional course. This city has many good academies and educational institutes to offer. You can find popular schools and colleges throughout the city.

Well-planned And Beautiful

It is a very well-planned city, clean and beautiful. Once you set foot here, you will feel like staying forever. This much charm Vadodara has. It has a lot of scenic sites to visit and beautiful parks, Sayajibag being one of the best.

Easy Transportation

With fast urbanization, Vadodara has good number of transportation facility throughout the city and the train and bus services are absolutely smooth.

Shopping Destinations

Lots of malls! Yes, this city is not short of shops and malls. You can find restaurants, cafes and large shopping areas.
Some of the best places to stay in Vadodara are:
Gotri, the one place for lots of real estate developments owing to the locality’s position. Many investors are creating beautiful residential projects in this area.
Manjalpur, a great locality for college, hospital, market and banks, all nearby.
Nizampura is a prime location that has good transport facility, education centres and market places too.
Atladara is the finest place for luxurious living with quite a good number of lavish residential properties. It is a very well connected place with transportation and close to city hub.
If you are trying to settle in Vadodara, then make sure you find a suitable residential apartment or house in these above mentioned places.

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